A quick, less-than-delicious update

I know I said I was aiming for speedier cooking and blogging, but unfortunately, life has had some very nasty ways of interfering with my plans. I decided what I’d be making for San Marino within a day or two of drawing its slip and bought all my ingredients weeks ago, but since then, my family has experienced a series of crises, including medical news about various family members ranging from “pretty bad, but probably mostly curable with a scary form of treatment” to “very bad, and not at all curable” to “we had the funeral last week.” (That last one was in his late 70s, it wasn’t at all a surprise, and I was not particularly close to him, but any family member’s passing still leaves a hole behind, a chair that should have been filled at family gatherings, and a painful reminder of the mortality of other family members I’m closer to.) And just to top it off, in the midst of all that, my own health problems have been acting up more than usual, which means that I’m in a great deal of physical pain. So, you know, it’s kinda been a rough few weeks, to say the least. I’m stressed, anxious, and exhausted, and thus not really in the mood to cook interesting foods or write silly things about cooking interesting foods. With any luck, my “I can’t wave a magic wand and fix all these awful things, so I have no energy and feel like everything I do is useless” mood will turn into a “I can’t wave a magic wand and fix these awful things, so I’m going to find the energy to do things I enjoy in order to distract myself from all the awfulness for a while” mood sometime soon, but I haven’t quite gotten there yet. So while I fully intend to make my Sammarinese dish as soon as I can, grief and worry and pain may keep pushing “as soon as I can” down the road a little longer while I focus on slightly less lofty goals like “get some sleep” and “eat actual meals rather than either forgetting to eat all day or stress-eating ten mini donuts in a row.”

That said, I’ll offer a little spoiler and tell you that my Sammarinese dish is likely to be fairly epic in one form or another – it may be epically delicious or epically disastrous, but either way, I suspect it’s going to be fun to make and fun to read about. I hope you’ll stick around to see it! (And here’s hoping life decides to ease up on all the unpleasantness soon so that you don’t have to wait too long – and also, you know, because I’d really rather my family and I actually be relatively happy and healthy for a while, but you can root for our well-being because you just want to see what terrible puns and/or ridiculous geeky jokes I’m going to make about my mysterious epic food if you want. I’m cool with that.)


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