About me

Hi, I’m Laurie! I’m a Kansas City native who lived on the East Coast for a while before coming back home to my roots. I’m a big ol’ nerd and a lifelong putterer in the kitchen. In my spare time, besides cooking and blogging about recipes from around the world, I write song parodies and limericks, take pictures of my dog with silly things on her head, play a lot of board games, cheer for the 2015 World Series champions (let’s go, Royals!), and waste far, far too much time reading random things on the internet.

I’m also living with chronic illness. One of the things being sick all the time can often take away from you is the time, energy, and ability to create things; this project is one of my attempts to fight back against that and find some of my creative mojo again. And hey, if in the process I get to try tasty things from all over the planet, that’s a pretty good bonus.