About 197 Dishes

This blog is an attempt to document what will, if I’m successful, be a years-long experiment in trying new things. There are 197 countries in the world (well, at least according to some lists – that’s the number I’m going with, anyway). I printed the name of each and every one on a slip of paper and stuck them all in a can. Every week, I will pull out one slip of paper at random, and attempt (with the help of the internet) to find and cook a recipe from that nation’s cuisine. Maybe it’ll be delicious. Maybe it’ll be horrible. Either way, I’ll document the process here for your amusement. My only major rule for myself is that I cannot select any food that I’ve ever made or eaten before, so one way or another, I’m going to be exploring some excitingly unfamiliar culinary territory.

Three things to note:

  • My life is currently in a period of upheaval, so it’s possible that I won’t always succeed in keeping to the weekly schedule (especially if a particular dish requires hard-to-find ingredients). If I get behind or have to go on hiatus for a while, then the project will simply last a little longer. Maybe I’ll end up spending four years, five months, and three weeks doing this rather than three years, nine months, and two weeks, and that’ll be just fine. [NOTE: The weekly schedule has essentially been abandoned for the time being due to health constraints and continued life-upheaval. I’m still cooking and blogging, but it’s going to be slow for a while. I hope you’ll keep reading anyway!]
  • If my readers ever have suggestions for things to make – especially if you or someone you know is a native of the country of the week and can provide me with a good, authentic recipe – I’d definitely love to hear them! I won’t promise to take every suggestion, but they will always be welcome.
  • I am cooking on a budget and feeding people (including myself) with some specific dietary requirements. I am also a compulsive recipe-tweaker who always looks for ways to make anything I cook even yummier (spoiler alert: the answer is frequently “more butter/sugar/garlic/cheese,” although usually not all of those in the same dish). Therefore, the foods I make may be less than perfectly authentic. The goal of this project is not “offer an authoritative take on how to cook every cuisine in the world” but rather “have fun eating some tasty things and writing about them.” I hope you’ll have fun reading about them, too!
All content on this blog © 197 Dishes unless otherwise specified. You are welcome to share it, but please link and credit when you do!
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